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Clean Energy Connections: Carbon-to-Value Panel

On September 26th, 2019 in New York City, a great discussion about carbon-to-value was hosted by Clean Energy Connections, an event series convened by Urban Future Labs, NYSERDA, Greentech Media, and Solar One.

The panel was introduced by Pat Sapinsley the Managing Director of the Urban Future Lab and was moderated by our own Sameer Rashid. Panelists included Bill Lese from Braemar Energy Ventures, Stafford Sheehan of Air Co, and Denise Grab from the NYU School of Law Institute for Policy Integrity. The full panel can be viewed here with specific topic-oriented clips included below (we apologize in advance for every clip defaulting to the same still picture.)


The Panelists

Carbon-to-Value Pathways

Bubba Gump Carbon Co

Capitalizing Carbon-to-Value – Lessons from Cleantech 1.0

Policy Toolkit for Carbon-to-Value

The Motivation for Starting Air Co

Pathways to Scale

Assessing Market Potential

Commercialization Lessons from Cleantech 1.0

Policy to Support R&D and Innovation

Audience Q&AHow Angels and Retail Investors Might Participate?

Angel List Syndicates and Carbon Removal Cryptocurrency

Audience Q&A – What Countries Are Leading in this Sector?

The Opportunity for “Carbon Silicon Valleys”

Audience Q&A – How to ensure broad-based adoption

Closing Remarks – What makes you optimistic? What challenges do you see? What can people watching do to help you?