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Catalyzing Capital for the Circular Carbon Economy

The Circular Carbon Network is helping to build the most important sector of the 21st century — transforming waste CO2 into a valuable, sustainable resource for society.
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Critical Challenge, Massive Opportunity

Carbon is the backbone of the modern economy, but CO2 emissions are damaging the earth’s climate. While innovators are developing amazing new solutions to capture CO2 and turn it into valuable products, this growing space needs more resources to scale and thrive.

Our Focus

We’re bringing together the global community of innovators, capital providers, corporates, and other leaders to catalyze more investment and commercial activity in this important emerging space.

Building Community
Educating the Market
Connecting Opportunities

The potential for people, profit, and planet is truly massive...

Why Now?



Making fuels, food, fertilizers, chemicals, polymers, and building materials from waste CO2 has the potential be a $1T+ annual market



We need to remove over 750B tons from the atmosphere by 2100 to avoid dangerous climate change

huge investment opportunity

The growing ecosystem of circular carbon solutions is creating an enormous, new class of opportunities for investors

inmeasurable impact

The returns are priceless: a new global sector, a more sustainable way to meet human needs, a protected planet

Company Index

We maintain a comprehensive, global list of Circular Carbon companies, providing market participants with a living landscape view of the evolving ecosystem.

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We continually monitor the market to identify investment, commercialization, and collaboration opportunities for 
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