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Blue Planet Announces Capital Raise of $10M, Fighting Climate Change by Capturing and Sequestering Carbon Dioxide in Concrete Building Materials – PR Newswire

Blue Planet, a Silicon Valley company, has developed a carbon capture and utilization system that permanently removes carbon dioxide that is economically viable and can be deployed at Gigaton (GT) scale. The $10M round of financing was comprised of leaders in the war against climate change.

Blue Planet will capture carbon dioxide emissions from bioenergy, natural gas and coal-fired power plants, steel mills, cement plants, and refineries, as well as directly from the atmosphere. The process converts diluted carbon dioxide captured from these gas streams to carbonate for mineralization as a synthetic limestone (CaCO3). The synthetic limestone can replace natural mined limestone aggregate as the principal constituent of concrete, permanently sequestering the captured carbon dioxide. The rock market represents one of the largest potential sinks for CO2 at over 50 GT every year, making Blue Planet’s solution to curbing global carbon levels scalable and economically viable.

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