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We maintain this list of active investment opportunities to increase the connectivity between capital providers and innovators. The Deal Hub is accessed by over 300 Accredited Investor Members who are actively seeking deals.

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To gain access to view the deal hub data, we require an approval process that is reviewed by CCN staff. Once approved, you will be able to access full Deal information from our over 700 innovator companies.

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Deal Hub

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The Circular Carbon Network provides information about active and historical company and project investment opportunities to our Investor Members. If you are an Accredited Investor seeking access to our company lists, please fill out our JOIN form to request Investor Member access. If you are already an approved Investor Member, please make sure you are logged in, and use the links in the header or footer of this page to access the Active Deals and Historical Deals lists. If you are not an approved Investor Member, we are not able to offer access to our Deal Hub at this time.


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