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Rounding out the Circular Carbon Ecosystem

Data, community, and knowledge share have always been key elements of the Circular Carbon Network. We believe they play a meaningful role in increasing capital flow and commercialization. As you may know, we launched our Innovators Index last fall and earlier this year we followed with our Capital Index. We are now rounding out the key stakeholders in the broader circular carbon sector with our Corporate Index and Catalyst Index.

While these indexes are a work in progress, we’ve identified a critical mass of large companies with publicized activity within the circular carbon value chain. There are also a broad range of market catalysts – organizations that exist to serve and accelerate the stakeholders in our Innovator, Capital, and Corporate indexes.

Please see below for a snapshot of what the data show. We look forward to tapping our Network to improve and expand the companies and organizations covered in these indexes.

CCN Corporate Index


The purpose of the Corporate Index is to identify big companies that are actively intersecting with the Circular Carbon sector. In addition to creating awareness of corporate activity, we believe this will help entrepreneurs find potential corporate partners who may help with R&D, demonstration, supply-chain, and/or a variety of other roles big companies may play in the value chain. Additionally, by showing the different ways these multi-nationals are participating in the sector, investors can begin to hypothesize about commercial and exit pathways.

We identified more than 50 companies across industries including Microsoft, Amazon, Air Liquide, Exxon, Delta, Coca Cola, Cemex, and many more.

Figure 1 – Predictably, the early participants in the sector are from the utility, O&G, and materials industries
Figure 2 – Most companies in the index are contributing to innovation in this sector through their own R&D and by investing in startups
Figure 3 – Fossil fuel companies, especially those with significant business in Europe, are highly represented in the index. Because early markets are being proven in chemicals and construction materials, those industries also have a higher relative representation in the index.
Figure 4 – Carbon Capture, Removal, and Conversion are all “capturing” the attention of corporate R&D departments

CCN Catalyst Index


The catalyst index is meant to be a tool that can help stakeholders gain a clearer understanding of the wide range of organizations working to support and accelerate the emerging circular carbon sector. The purpose of this index is many fold but ultimately is aimed at building a more self-aware community of stakeholders so that they can leverage the resources at their disposal.

Figure 5 – This group includes a mix of not-for-profit and for profit entities with a variety of operating structures
Figure 6 – A variety of different supporting functions and services are provided by Catalyst Index organizations
Figure 7 – These organizations are interested in serving the different innovation categories across the sector